Hellenic Orthodox Church

We are the most historic Eastern Orthodox Greek Church located in Lowell, Massachusetts and welcome visitors of all faiths and backgrounds to insure our culture and traditions are intact for our future generations.

“We have the distinct pleasure of having a historically relevant building coupled with a rich cultural history of traditions with the area’s most wonderfull parishoners!  Our goal is to pass along our values, religion, language, and traditions we have learned in our lifetime to our younger generation so they can take it to the next level while respecting our rich history.  A truly mesmerizing Greek-Americans structure in the NorthEast, yet similar to Saint Sophia (Istanbul) in design.  Please continue to support our Church both financially and with your volunteered talents.”

– Hellenic Orthodox “Holy Trinity” Church of Lowell Board of Directors


Frequently Asked Questions

When can we visit your Church?

We have Services most every Sunday and most everyday during our Easter.  You are welcome to call and speak with our priest or staff to schedule a tour or simply stop by anytime we are open!

How much does Membership Cost?

To be a “Member in good standing” with voting rights and to be able to support our church we ask that the following minimums be met each year.  $400-Family (Husband & Wife and all children under 18), 300-Single/Widowed, 200-Students.  Once your minimums are met, we issue Membership Certificates.  We NEVER turn anyone down without financial resources for membership, but those are required for voting rights.  Time, Treasure, and Talent is how we help each other grow, so come visit us and see why we are such a thriving community!

When was the church built?

Roughly 1910.  Check out our history page to view more details!

I want my wedding at your church what do I do first?

We have a special page for Weddings as there are a few things that need to happen in a particular order.  You have to speak with the Priest (who will echo these items), Attend a workshop by the Diocese (and get a certificate of completion), Have a Koumbaro’s letter of good standing (from our parish or another parish), Civil Certificates, $100 Money order to the Metropolis (5 weeks before wedding), and a marriage license.

Is there fellowship after Sunday Services?

We are lucky enough to have space below our Church where fellowship happens after services every Sunday (with few exceptions).  We gather for coffee and refreshments and enjoy each others company.  It’s fun to bond with fellow minded parishoners each week.

Why should I choose your church?

We proudly have a historic past.  Our church building is as impressive historically as it is precious to us.  It has been and will be our meeting spot for centuries to come.  We have and impressive dome on the top of our church that is as brilliant a color as we wish our Lord and Saviour God will look upon us worshiping with a sparkle and notice our History, Efforts, and Faith.