Ministry Resources and Initiatives During the Pandemic of COVID-19

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, in reviewing the many creative initiatives that have been launched by parishes throughout New England, has requested our Clergy to share their new ministry initiatives with their brother Priests for the benefit and edification of the faithful. The Metropolis of Boston has created an online platform for the Clergy and Lay Leaders of our parishes to share their best practices and outreach ministries.  
  • The electronic Metropolis of Boston COVID-19 Ministry Resource Center has been made available to the Clergy of the Metropolis. This platform encourages the sharing of best practices during this time when physical distancing has forced ministries to take on different models.
  • Live-Streaming of Divine Services With the new reality of offering ministry during this challenging time, several parishes broadcast their liturgical services. In keeping in compliance with directives about group gatherings, His Eminence has given permission for Divine Services to be celebrated by the Clergy with only the chanter and an altar server present. As parishes continue to come online, the live streaming links will be made available on our Metropolis website enabling the faithful to prayerfully participate from the safety of their homes.
  • His Eminence has stressed to the Clergy the importance that every parish assist the efforts of local food banks and shelters. With over 3.5 million citizens now unemployed, added to the countless who already face homelessness and hunger throughout America, the need for basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter has never been greater.
  • His Eminence encourages parishes to assist the American Red Cross. Blood is critically needed throughout the United States. The Red Cross is reaching out to eligible and healthy donors, strongly urging them to make an appointment to provide lifesaving blood donations. For more information and to find a donation center in your area, Click Here.

Resources for the Faithful to Use at Home

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