Children of the Holy Trinity Hellenic Orthodox Greek Church of Lowell Massachusetts put on an epic Christmas Portrayal of Historical Magnitude.

The members, and visitors of the Holy Trinity Hellenic Orthodox Church of Lowell were lucky enough to have the children of the community perform acts and plays that depicted religious history of our culture and religion.  The children spoke, acted, sang, performed, prayed and even brought most of the parishioners to happiness.  One of the parishioners mentioned after the performance “This is our future and what we are proud to have inspired”.  Fr Nick (the Pastor of the community for many many years now) places emphasis and reminds parishoners constantly of the role that children play in the church and how important these plays are not only for the parishoners enjoyment, but in fact the children performing them.  They inspire knowledge, develop understanding, create a sense of pride, and remind them about our rich culture and remind us all that Christmas has Christ as the first four letters.  From our entire community we wish you and your loved ones a cherished, happy and loving Merry Christmas!